Greetings and Welcome,

Craig here.

I have over 30 years of experience with some of Australia’s leading Companies in Business Development, Managing Change, Software Development and Project Management. I specialize in Workplace Technology and Culture, with a default setting for taking action and adding value.

I have a passion for technology, analyzing processes, helping people and asking questions that need to be asked.

My early training in electronic systems taught me all about looking for patterns, step-by-step analysis and watching out for false trails of thought.

I have worn many hats in my career – business analyst, writer, trainer, technician, marketer, project manager, builder, researcher. As a result, I have well developed skills in managing multi-disciplinary projects, navigating complex challenges and delivering results.

And as a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, I have spent many years studying and working on the thoughts, language and behaviour of people. How they tick, develop beliefs and values, how they learn, how they see themselves, work in a team, handle the desire for and effect of change, why they buy (or not).

With over 30 years of putting that into practice and taking action every day, life and continues to be a great learning experience I relish and enjoy.

I love making new acquaintances.

Hope you enjoy and get something helpful out of this site and particularly the blog. None of the thoughts, musings or opinions published here are intended to do anything other than offer an honest perspective that can be helpful right now, stored for future reference or onpassed to someone else it might be good for.

Be Well,
Craig Woolven
Beyond The Algorithms